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Dawn Drake, Property Control Manager and Jody Campbell, Contract Manager for Capital at The Guthrie Clinic led a seminar on Wednesday, September 26, 2018 on how they worked with OpenMarkets to improve their capital procurement process.  

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A 100+ year old rural health system, Guthrie is bucking trends by continuing to grow and experience positive financial returns. The system contains 4 hospitals and 38 non-acute care centers in the Twin Tiers region of Pennsylvania and New York.  Talking with Dan Turner, Director of Implementation and Client Success at OpenMarkets, the hour-long webinar was split into the three components:

  1. The state of Guthrie’s capital process prior to OpenMarkets
  2. The desire to change, the steps for full system buy-in to move forward with change and selecting OpenMarkets as a technology partner
  3. The implementation of OpenMarkets capital budgeting and requisitioning software and current state of Guthrie’s capital process

Prior to OpenMarkets, Guthrie functioned as a decentralized, paper-based, reactive capital process.  This led to time-consuming requests, misplaced paperwork, multiple lines of fractured communication and overall inefficiency.

 “We had multiple approval processes, multiple committees.” said Dawn. “This was all paper.  Paper requisitions, paper purchase orders, paper approvals and we were just overwhelmed.  As we were taking on hospitals and medical group sites, it was getting more overwhelming.”

Jody added, “By the time it got to  me (purchasing) usually the quotes were already outdated, half the stuff was missing, I would have to do a checklist.  Everybody had to write everything out.  It was a lot of (extra) work”

Guthrie knew a change was needed.  Importantly, it wasn’t just one department within Guthrie but an understanding across all stakeholders the process and tools needed to change.  Julie Godfrey, VP of Finance at Guthrie, said “We needed to improve our approach…to streamline the process for finance, supply chain, operational managers and administration.”

Guthrie selected OpenMarkets based on ease of use for all stakeholders, flexibility to meet Guthrie’s needs, unlimited licenses and the detailed implementation process.  Guthrie was able to Go-Live within 3.5 months of officially purchasing OpenMarkets CAP Connect™.

About the implementation process, Dawn said, “We painlessly put our process into OpenMarkets system set-up.  All our needs were met and met in a very quick fashion … The one-on-one support that we received, asking what our needs were and our wants, everything that we asked for we got out of the system”

Today Guthrie’s capital process has become a well-oiled machine. In addition, Guthrie has become one of the most robust users of OpenMarkets, utilizing all OpenMarkets technology offerings.  Guthrie utilizes OpenMarkets Exchange™ to save on equipment purchases and sell used equipment and OpenMarkets Optimizer™ to help achieve best price on equipment.  Overall, Guthrie has achieved a positive ROI, essentially having OpenMarkets pay for itself and then some.

You can listen to Jody & Dawn anytime here. Contact us when you’re ready to schedule time to study your capital process and see how we can create improvements.