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Most of us are familiar with the notion that “there’s no mission without margin” in healthcare. 

Modern Healthcare is focusing on the tie between mission and margin for Rural Healthcare Providers, and in a deep series of articles is highlighting just how important it is for communities to have affordable, accessible healthcare. 

At OpenMarkets we are proud to support the economic viability of rural healthcare providers, including Guadalupe County Hospital. 

Guadalupe County Hospital (OpenMarkets since April 2018)

Rural hospitals are so often both the patient care and economic life blood of a community, and without them residents can be dangerously far from help when an emergency strikes. This was the case for Susan Bailey’s mother in Santa Rosa, NM, who was rushed to Guadalupe County Hospital for an emergency blood transfusion after suffering from gastrointestinal bleeding. (via Modern Healthcare)  

Guadalupe County Hospital has been in deep trouble before, facing drastic underutilization, poor management, and bankruptcy. After transitioning into a not-for-profit entity and receiving funds from the county, the hospital was able to make a comeback and opened a new building employing only local residents. 

Without this local hospital, Bailey would have had to drive 68 or 120 miles to the closest hospital, and even says her mother “might not have made it.” The importance of keeping local hospitals like Guadalupe County Hospital standing cannot be understated. The public health and economic impacts are real. 

Why Guadalupe County Hospital uses OpenMarkets

We’re proud to help Guadalupe County Hospital pursue a healthy financial standing through The OpenMarkets Exchange, which is used by the purchasing team to facilitate the sale of used equipment. This includes a recent project for a Siemens Dimension Xpand Plus. The Exchange allowed Guadalupe to connect with 9 potential buyers at once, increasing the options they’ll have to find the best deal for the hospital. 

For a rural hospital like Guadalupe, moving online for the buying and sell of equipment reduces the reliance on sales reps and opens up more supplier options. This is simply a smarter way to buy and sell equipment and improve margins.