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We’re always excited when healthcare providers get their first win on The Exchange. For Northern Montana Hospital in Harve, MT, this first transaction came with industry leader Philips Healthcare.

“These two organizations working together is what OpenMarkets is all about,” says Trevor Wood, SVP of Supplier Solutions at OpenMarkets. “Harve, MT is a 4 hour drive from the nearest airport. This makes it difficult for suppliers to send clinical specialists and teams to visit with key stakeholders. And when they do, costs go up for all.”

Recognizing this, James Quigley, Materials Director at the hospital began using the OpenMarkets Exchange to collaborate with suppliers. This allows their team to research products online, chat with reps, get quotes and issue PO’s. All online in a safe, informational platform. 

“The information came back to us quickly,” said Quigley. “We watch our capital funds carefully and it’s important to vet each purchase thoroughly. The Exchange made it easy for us to buy when the funds were ready.”

Quigley received quotes from four (4) suppliers within 48 hours of posting his request on The Exchange. The inside sales team at Philips, a Top Performing Supplier on The Exchange, responded promptly with not only their quote but the additional information Quigley needed to finalize the purchase order.  

“We love seeing this in action,” says Wood. “OpenMarkets serves to improve the buying and selling of medical equipment. Knowing that Philips is able to reduce their cost-of-sale and work seamlessly with James and the team at Northern Montana is why we exist. This is driving waste out of the healthcare supply chain.”

Northern Montana Hospital has been a part of the OpenMarkets Community since 2014. Philips, a “Top Performer” for Q1 2018, joined the OpenMarkets Community in 2017 and recently expanded their partnership.