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VWR is offering an extremely competitive price for their most popular ultra low temperature freezer! Until the end of June, they are offering the PCHbi (formerly Panasonic) VIP Series Ultra Low Temperature upright freezer for less than $9,000. This model has earned an industry leading lifetime performance record of 99.5% uptime, unmatched in the industry, as documented by internal data. This model remains the industry’s gold standard with a five-year in warranty compressor failure record of less than 0.01%. 

Two models are available, and both include a full five-year warranty:

  • MP 10046-916 - 208/220V, AC
  • MP 10046-914  - 115V, AC

These models are available in a 25.7 cu.ft. cabinet ideally sized to fit easily into most existing installations, lab renovations or new lab construction. Reserve refrigeration power and robust cabinet construction assure quick recovery after door openings, tolerance to high ambient temperatures, and tight interior temperature uniformity over a range of -86°C to -50°C.

Quantities for this VWR Channel Promotion are limited to 50 freezers per institution at this special pricing. 

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