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SurgiSLUSH™, created by C Change Surgical, is an innovative, efficient and much more cost-effective option for producing and maintaining sterile slush.

SurgiSLUSH™ automated freezers produce and maintain sterile slush with computerized automation that frees your surgical team to get things done. Innovative freezers supply multiple rooms and reduce equipment costs up to 73% (average less than $29K per room).

C Change Surgical’s high-output auto-freezers use sealed containers to supply all slush applications, including procurements. Sealed, tamper-evident containers are usable for 24 hours and significantly expand usage time. No waiting. No delays. Some users make slush the day before scheduled procedures and gain time for priorities. The fastest slush is already made.

SurgiSLUSH™ reusable, hydrophobic containers automatically produce and maintain smooth slush. Everyone on your staff becomes an expert in providing the smooth, atraumatic slush that your surgeons want. Happy surgeons, happy staff. C Change containers make no noise in procedure rooms, save valuable sterile space and erase distracting slush maintenance during complex surgeries.

According to a Clinical Coordinator in Cardiothoracic Surgery, “The SurgiSLUSH™ freezer is a major improvement over our old system! This system can provide slush for multiple rooms. The OR environment is much quieter, and less crowded. We make the slush in the morning before our cases start so they are ready for the day and the quality of the slush is far superior over the other technology. With this system, our surgeons have smoother, high quality slush to work with and our nurses don’t have to attend to making sure the slush is maintained.”

Listed below are other benefits of SurgiSLUSH™:

  • Efficient: No in-room labor; automated production when you choose vs. intraoperative attention and manual maintenance during surgery.
  • High-output: Produce 4 liters at a time. Store slush in a fridge and make more.
  • Confirmed sterility before use: No sterile barrier surprises after procedures.
  • Closed system: No prolonged sterile field exposure. Protects and covers slush until use.
  • Auto-start: Set auto-freezer to make slush while you drive to work.
  • Scalable: Add containers when you need more slush. No machine needed in each room.
  • Reduce waste: Use one liter at a time.
  • Cleaner: No condensing or air-exchanging machine in sterile field.
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