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Why sell on OpenMarkets you ask? Well, OpenMarkets can guarantee you the highest price offer for your piece of equipment AND can connect you with multiple specialty re-manufacturers.

There are various reasons why selling equipment on OpenMarkets is the best option rather than accepting trade-in offers from Suppliers. OpenMarkets provides the opportunity to get connected with multiple specialty re-manufacturers and numerous suppliers, and whoever needs your equipment the most is most likely to offer the highest price. 

Luke Martin of Shannon Medical Center in Texas explained that he uses OpenMarkets in many ways including budgeting, approval workflow, and the buying and selling of equipment. Similarly, Reggie from a Central Florida Surgery Center used OpenMarkets to sell a used table. Reggie was able to sell the table for $1,000 to PT Medical, a supplier he met on OpenMarkets. This new-found revenue was encouraged at the facility since they would have discarded the piece of equipment. 

“One of the great things about OpenMarkets is their friendly attitude and willingness to work with you to find the best way to make a partnership with OpenMarkets a success for your company. We were able to sell product that would have otherwise been sitting around collecting dust until it became an obsolete item or discarded, I am looking forward to doing more business with them,” said Ron Keefer, Director of Materials Management, at Southwestern Vermont Medical Center. 

Selling old equipment on OpenMarkets can yield 40% or more value than trading it in to the manufacturer. This percentage becomes even greater if the equipment is still fully functional as 3rd party buyers value what’s still in use. 

Below are two main reasons to sell on OpenMarkets:

  • You’ll be connected with multiple specialty re-manufacturers. These suppliers often will pay more than a general re-manufacturer, as they know just how to refurbish the equipment the right way and restore maximum value. 
  • Supplier inventories fluctuate. Using OpenMarkets ensures that you’ll be connected to multiple suppliers, and the one who needs your equipment the most is likely to pay the most. 

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Lee Hillman

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