Send in Your Flex Scopes and Save with Surgical Direct!

Surgical Direct is proud to showcase its customer-centric flex scope repairs program that helps you save time and money on repairs for a number of flex scopes such as Colonoscopes, Gastroscopes, or Bronchoscopes. 

Surgical Direct emphasizes its focus on the customer by making the repair experience as easy as possible. Surgical Direct's evaluations and loaners come at no cost to your hospital. Below you will find the four easy repair steps:

  1. Surgical Direct sends out your loaner
  2. Box up your scope and ship it to them
  3. Your scope is inspected and you receive an estimate
  4. Surgical Direct repairs your scope

The expansive repair services Surgical Direct offers are listed below:

  • Complete Rebuilds
  • CCD Chips
  • Video Hubs
  • Light Guide Bundle
  • Biopsy & Suction Channels
  • And more!

With just four easy steps and a free loaner sent out before you send in your product, Surgical Direct allows you to keep helping patients while your instrument gets repaired. 

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Hawley Valentine
Hawley Valentine

Hawley is the leader of our Customer Success team. Hawley manages our marketing, data analysis, and reinforcing relationships with providers and suppliers within the OpenMarkets platform. Hawley is passionate about improving the health of others. Before OpenMarkets, Hawley was a leader in the healthcare field supporting large enterprise clientele ensuring the health and wellbeing of their employee populations.

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