Seneca Healthcare District Hospital Uses OpenMarkets to Select Harloff Over Armstrong

Rural healthcare providers and progressive equipment suppliers are discovering a new way to drive out waste: working together on the OpenMarkets Exchange. This is giving provider leaders streamlined access to the right suppliers and lowering the cost of sale.

For Seneca Healthcare District Hospital in Chester, CA, this confluence of value come together when the organization jumped on The Exchange to research crash carts.


"The clinicians came to us requesting 18 Armstrong carts," said Steven Stoops, Purchasing Director at Seneca. "I love the clinicians, but know they don't have time to fully research options. So I jumped on The Exchange to ensure we'd have the opportunity to vet multiple suppliers and find the right product."


Stoops entered his request on April 24th and was connected to four (4) suppliers. One of these was Harloff, a medical cart manufacturer in Colorado Springs, CO. As a small business, Harloff's sales and marketing budget is dwarfed by Armstrong. Customer Service is a core value at Harloff, and the team jumped in and delivered the information and a quote Stoops needed within two hours.


"We ultimately reviewed quotes from three suppliers, plus the original quote from Armstrong," said Stoops. In working with the Harloff team on The Exchange, we found them to be the type of partner we were looking for with a great product at a great price."


Stoops was able to pull from The Exchange all the documentation he needed on Harloff to get them set up as a new vendor. This included the W-9, tax certificates and a credit application. All of this was done without the Harloff team needing to jump on a plane, fly to Sacramento and then drive three hours north. What a great way to reduce waste and ensure the clinicians get the right equipment for the job.

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Tom Derrick
Tom Derrick

Tom leads a range of core functions for OpenMarkets, including strategic partnerships and business development. Prior to OpenMarkets, Tom served as a senior communications director for a rapidly growing medical device manufacturer, and as a D.C.-based public relations director conducting advocacy for the orthotic and prosthetic community. Tom is a co-founder of OpenMarkets. He has degrees from Wake Forest and DePaul Universities.

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