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Integrated Fluid Management Solutions Revolutionize the way Healthcare Facilities Manage Low to Medium Volume Cases

Serres Inc., a partnered Supplier of OpenMarkets, is the U.S. division of Serres Oy, the progressive leader of smart fluid management solutions around suction for healthcare facilities. The company announced today that it has officially introduced its Serres Nemo product in the U.S. market. The Serres Nemo fluid disposal device is used for flushing suction bag content into the sewer and creates value disposal-by-disposal with a safer, cleaner and more cost-effective way to dispose of collected fluid waste. 

Serres, the international leader in fluid management solutions from suction to disposal, introduced its innovative suction bag systems to the U.S. market three years ago with its patented single-connection suction bag solution; a uniquely reliable and essentially error-free product, with a remarkably easy-to-use design. Now, Serres brings that same innovation to disposal. The Serres Nemo eliminates exposure to splashing and airborne pathogens that staff face while utilizing current fluid disposal methods, it accelerates room turnover, and results in an approximate 90 percent reduction in waste. 

“Disposal is standard procedure, especially for low and medium volume surgical cases, but improving the process had been overlooked until now,” says Jason Pfeiffer, national sales director of Serres Inc. “When we demonstrate Serres Nemo, we can actually see a look of relief on people’s faces. Our solution comes from years of close collaboration with our distributors and healthcare professionals worldwide. We know that people rely on our equipment to do their jobs and our solution checks all the boxes in terms of efficiency, safety, cost, and waste reduction.”

Minimizing costs and improving efficiency are just two of the benefits associated with the Serres Nemo. What sets the solution apart is that it will provide the first closed system for low to medium volume liquid waste management currently available in the U.S. Current manual methods for emptying canisters that contain fluid waste can result in dangerous splashing that unnecessarily exposes staff to bloodborne pathogens such as Hepatitis C, and HIV. Serres Nemo is a completely contained solution which automatically flushes the fluid waste without any splashing or staff exposure.

Additionally, Serres Nemo utilizes lightweight, compact suction bags rather than just disposable plastic canisters, which saves on cost and reduces waste. As the most cost-effective and eco-friendly product on the U.S. market, the highly anticipated Serres Nemo is a welcome addition to current fluid waste management systems.

Getting quotes for the Nemo online through The Exchange makes the transaction faster, cheaper, and easier by eliminating the need for in-person communication or even phone calls with sales reps. Serres is a productive member of the OpenMarkets Community that joined in order to get access to the provider Community, sales opportunities, and data. Regarding OpenMarkets, Jason Pfeiffer says that:

“Within our first two months, we were put in contact with a major provider network. It would have taken us much longer to connect with the right people, deliver our information, request a meeting and then deliver our product/company presentation. OpenMarkets made the introduction, product education, info drop and communication immediately.”

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