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With a vast product portfolio, Bowman Dispensers is your one stop shop for infection control equipment. They have over 130 product offerings listed on OpenMarkets, including Cover your Cough Compliance Kits and various types of Protection Systems.

Protection Systems

Bowman offers four types of protection systems, making it easy to integrate them anywhere in your hospital:

• Wall Mount - Great for areas with hallway space constraints

• Recessed - Great for high traffic areas such as near elevators or in hallways

• Over the Door - Easy to implement - just hang and use!

• Mobile - Large storage capacity, easy visibility and instant access to personal protective equipment 

Compliance Kits

Take compliance to another level when cold and flu season rolls around with Bowman Dispensers’ Cover Your Cough Compliance Kits. You favorite Respiratory Hygience Stations are now available as one part number, shipped in one box. Bowman offers multiple colors in each of their two models:

Bottled Hand Sanitizer - Accommodates either one bottle of hand sanitizing gel or one container of hand sanitizing wipes 

Automatic Hand Sanitizer - Wide backplate accommodates one sanitizer pump or foam dispenser 


About Bowman Dispensers: 

As a healthcare industry leader focused on infection prevention, Bowman Dispensers supplies quality storage, organizing, and dispensing solutions for personal protective equipment and beyond. From glove box dispensers to flu stations, bulk bin dispensers to isolation supply stations and carts, BOWMAN® is your resource. Their innovative products help you reduce waste, improve efficiency, drive safety and protect staff, visitors, and patients from illness and workplace risks.  

Bowman Dispensers is family owned and operated in Arlington, WA, and their dispensers are proudly made in the USA. BOWMAN® is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer allowing them to create a high quality, affordable line of PPE dispensers since 1988.