Surgical Product Solutions: Cost-Savings, Without Compromise

Surgical Product Solutions (SPS) is an independent healthcare distributor of un-used, in-date surgical disposables. As a leader in providing cost-saving solutions for healthcare facilities across the United States, SPS is dedicated to helping healthcare organizations save money without sacrificing quality. In partnership with the OpenMarkets Health Exchange, they can provide high-quality services at the lowest cost.

Surgical Product Solutions helps hospitals:

  • Sell their surplus surgical products
  • Reduce their spend on brand name surgical products

Surgical Product Solutions creates a simple yet personalized experience for all users to reduce waste and optimize their supply chain. They have a unique business model designed for healthcare providers and a variety of services to choose from, including:

1) Purchase Product: Surgical Product Solutions sells the high-volume surgical disposables that you’re already currently buying from your top vendors. Surgical Product Solutions offers an even greater discount than the standard pricing and provides flexible quantity options.

2) Sell Excess Inventory: If you want to reduce waste and put money back into your OR, selling excess inventory is a great way to boost your budget and floorspace. Upcycling these products back into the market allows another healthcare organization to utilize supplies that would have otherwise expired on the shelf. You’ll receive an itemized breakdown of the offer price to ensure transparency and a streamlined, free shipping process!

3) Buy, Sell, and Repair Capital Equipment: Surgical Product Solutions will return revenue to your facility by purchasing used, depreciating medical equipment. Then, SPS will remarket the equipment and provide it to facilities at a reduced cost, saving hospitals thousands.

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Tom Derrick
Tom Derrick

Tom leads a range of core functions for OpenMarkets, including strategic partnerships and business development. Prior to OpenMarkets, Tom served as a senior communications director for a rapidly growing medical device manufacturer, and as a D.C.-based public relations director conducting advocacy for the orthotic and prosthetic community. Tom is a co-founder of OpenMarkets. He has degrees from Wake Forest and DePaul Universities.

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