Sourcing PPE and Infection Control Equipment Beyond COVID-19

The OpenMarkets Exchange Platform makes finding the equipment for your healthcare facility simple and efficient. How? Request the type of healthcare equipment you need on the Exchange and immediately, get connected with suppliers, like Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions. Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System did just that and found Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions.  

From tabletop autoclaves and large-scale sterilizers to PPE, Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions is your one stop resource for all of your sterilization and infection control needs. This family-run business takes pride in their customer service and the OpenMarkets Exchange is another channel for suppliers, like Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions, to supply hands-on assistance and information about their products directly to healthcare centers. Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions is dedicated to sourcing needed PPE during the pandemic, including securing first off the line units to provide to OpenMarkets’ customers.

Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions on the Exchange  

Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System, located in Monterey County in CA, looked to OpenMarkets to find options for small N95 face masks. Salinas started preparing in early November for an increase in COVID-19 cases, that within the past two months has spiked from 20,000 to 35,500 cases, The New York Times.  Marjorie, Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions’ National Sales Director, connected with a Salinas team member on the Exchange within minutes and provided the masks current price in her initial message. Salinas asked if the masks were new in the box and if a lot number could be provided, which Marjorie confirmed yes to both. Marjorie sent over pictures of the product and provided a quote for the asking amount, which Salinas decided to move forward with a purchase. 

During COVID-19, quick access to those trusted suppliers that can fill PPE orders is essential and the Exchange makes the process easy to stay connected with suppliers you’ve worked with in the past. Salinas made an additional purchase of masks from Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions while the purchase of the original N95 masks was still taking place. Each order was discussed and purchased all in one place on the Exchange, bringing Salinas closer to simplifying their healthcare purchasing process.  

The Exchange was instrumental in facilitating multiple transactions between Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System and Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions. The Exchange dashboard allows for convenient access to uploaded forms, quotes, certifications or other documents about the products while conversing with a team member from the supplier.  

Disposable Gloves Found on Buy-it-Now 

Not only does Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions provide one-on-one customer service and their line of specialty medical equipment on the Exchange but now provide access to PPE on OpenMarkets’ Buy-It-Now Site. Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions has been crucial to sourcing needed infection control items for hospitals and healthcare centers during COVID-19 and the Buy-it-now site makes that buying process easy with a fraction of the time.  

Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions recently signed a contract with MBS MedTech for disposable wipes and secured the first 1 million units off the line for OpenMarkets customers. 4 customers have already purchased 5,436 units in total. Ready for order, find the MBS MedTech germicidal wipes on the OpenMarkets Exchange and Buy-It-Now.

While sourcing PPE may be the most urgent equipment need for your healthcare facility, the Exchange makes connecting with Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions easily accessible, when you want to repurchase or find other infection control equipment.

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Tom Derrick
Tom Derrick

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