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South Lincoln Medical Center decided to take a different approach in order to stretch their capital dollars, and that approach was using OpenMarkets to purchase new exam tables! 

Karl Sundberg, CEO, reached out to OpenMarkets while in the midst of opening a new clinic. He was looking for cost-efficient exam tables to stretch their capital dollars to the max to meet the hospital’s financial target.

“OpenMarkets was easy to use and extremely cost efficient. It took me a total of five minutes to put in a request for the tables, and I had five quotes by the end of the day,” said Sundberg.

On OpenMarkets, Sundberg received eight quotes from a variety of suppliers in just six days. All information about the exam tables were listed online including descriptions and pricing. With all of these options, Sundberg was able to direct the South Lincoln procurement team to order the right exam table at the price they needed. 

Additionally, Sundberg was able to negotiate with suppliers on OpenMarkets. Sundberg ended up negotiating a price far below his original, paying only $3,500 rather $14,000, which was the best price option before OpenMarkets. 

“I was impressed with the ease of OpenMarkets, and of course liked seeing the options,” Sundberg states. “So not only did we receive the table at a good price, but we also now have a new capital procurement platform to make things more efficient here.”

Because of Sundberg’s success with OpenMarkets he encouraged six service line and supply chain leaders to use the platform, adding transparency to the organization as the users can stay organized and see when they’re talking to the same suppliers. 

Today, South Lincoln Medical Center has submitted nearly forty requests onto OpenMarkets for equipment such as beds, monitors, and ventilators. The South Lincoln team has plenty of equipment options to chose form as suppliers have provided 3.8 quotes per request. 

“We’re in a very good place now,” says Sundberg. “Our team has options, has data, and we know where and how we can negotiate. Not only are we pulling together our capital budget easier than ever, but our capital dollars are going to go further this year because of our work on OpenMarkets.”

Why OpenMarkets works:
As the CEO, Karl has the unfettered ability to set a tone. He did this is a simple way by not only using OpenMarkets, but by encouraging his team to as well. This set the efficiency and savings in motion.

In partnership Wyoming Hospital Association, OpenMarkets is available as a resource to WHA members at no-cost. Serving as a “one-stop-shop” for all things related to medical equipment, members can use OpenMarkets to research products, get multiple quotes, buy at a discount and even sell old equipment. This saves member organizations valuable time and capital dollars.

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