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The sole focus of OpenMarkets Supplier Spectrum Dynamics Medical is the development of Digital nuclear imaging technology that meets the clinical and workflow demands of today’s diagnostic imaging market. Since introducing its revolutionary digital nuclear cardiac-imaging system, D-SPECT, Spectrum Dynamics has become a proven leader in technical innovation and image quality. 

VERITON Multi- Purpose SPECT Scanner 

With its 360º simultaneous digital detector coverage, the VERITON tomographic imaging system is the industry’s first true volumetric SPECT scanner. Its unique design provides clinicians with diagnostic confidence: 3x sensitivity for improved lesion detection. Its unique 360-degree CZT detector design and its adaptive sensing technology brings routine 3D imaging to nuclear medicine departments, with no compromises in dose, time or image quality. VERITON scanner maximizes economic value with twice the throughput, increasing productivity and providing the opportunity to consolidate older technology into one system. 

D-SPECT Cardio 

D-SPECT® Cardio’s digital CZT detectors provide users the ability to maximize opportunities for patient throughput and to implement lower dose for Myocardial Perfusion protocols. The D-SPECT’s small physical footprint, high table weight limit (1000 lbs), and flexible patient positioning provide distinct advantages to nuclear medicine deparments. In addition, the temporal resolution of the D-SPECT’s digital acquisition and reconstruction software provides the foundation for unique applications in cardiac SPECT imaging. 

Imaging of myocardial flow reserve (MFR), a feature once only available to PET centers, is part of the unique benefits offered by the D-SPECT® Cardio. MFR provides the information necessary to increase the prognostic value of MPI studies, enhance the negative predictive value of the studies and provide insights into multi-vessel disease not seen with MPI imaging alone. 

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