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In today’s economy, healthcare facilities need to stretch their dollars, and Ganim Medical has committed all of its resources to building an organization that helps do just that. Their full array of asset management services offers healthcare providers many options to help save money, including:

  • Wide selection of high-quality new and used medical equipment
  • Surgery Center Design and Implementation
  • Trade-Up Programs
  • Refurbishment of “down but not out” medical equipment
  • Liquidation Programs

Ganim has aligned itself with the leading equipment manufacturers in the business to offer the latest technology and has the largest inventory in the Midwest. Ganim has a team of knowledgeable sales staff and support to provide you with innovative, effective, and economical solutions. Their team is dedicated to providing you with tools you need to succeed at your facility. Above all, Ganim is committed to building a business relationship with you that is based on integrity, honesty, and trust.

Being a distributor, they are present in over 100 categories on OpenMarkets, from anesthesia machines and diagnostics instruments to compression pumps and stretchers. This variety of categories allows them to be connected with all types of equipment requests. Ganim has had a multitude of successful transactions on the OpenMarkets platform, helping all sorts of providers, from large hospitals to independent surgery centers:

• St. Clare Surgery Center needed a Valley Lab Bovie, and Ganim walked the team through the process, giving them multiple product options to choose from and ensuring that all the bases of the transaction were covered.

• Hocking Valley Community Hospital submitted a request on the OpenMarkets platform for 2 Midmark exam tables. Dan from Ganim jumped on this request right away and kept up-to-date on the request, even when it went from 2 tables to 4, and then up to 7!

• Kettering Health System needed a new or refurbished Philips defibrillator, specifying that they needed quotes ASAP. After four Suppliers submitted quotes, Ganim stole the show by submitting an offer almost 20% below the cheapest of the other four, of course winning the business! 

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