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MAC Medical, Inc. concentrates in manufacturing the highest quality medical equipment available. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment such as a 3D CAD solid modeling system, a fully automated fabrication department line, and highly skilled craftsman make it possible to produce equipment unparalleled in the marketplace. This small business has American-made, stainless steel products and prioritizes their customers’ needs above everything else. 

MAC Medical has over fifty products listed in the OpenMarkets directory, including scrub sinks, IV poles, warming cabinets, and stretchers. Founded as a solutions-based company, MAC Medical still maintains that as its core competency. With no project too large or too small, MAC Medical is committed to providing solutions for customer needs with its service and American made products. MAC Medical offers two lines of Blanket & Fluid Warming cabinets: the D-Series Warmers and the T-Series Warmers. 

• D-Series (Data Logging with Temperature Recording) - The most user-friendly temperature recording devices on the market today. These warmers are equipped with independent, digitally controlled heating chambers that offer actual temperature and set point displays. Simple plug and play data download requires no additional software.

TS-Series Warmers (Touch Screen with Ethernet/WiFi Capability) - Offer unparalleled technology by allowing remote connectivity to your warmer (via smart phone app), giving you control of your warmer wherever you are. These warmers provide the perfect blend of leading technology, value, and customer support in the industry.

OpenMarkets is a great resource for researching and buying medical equipment like blanket & fluid warmers. Funded by equipment suppliers, use of the platform comes at no cost to healthcare providers. To learn more about how you can make your equipment procurement process more efficient with OpenMarkets, schedule a demo today!