Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions: Family Owned Business Serving All 50 States

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions (SAS) has been specializing in autoclaves, sterilizers, and infection control products since 2008. One key differentiator that sets SAS apart is its ability to provide exceptional, quality service to all 50 states, 365 days a year!


  • Free autoclave and sterilizer loaners.
  • Fast pickup and delivery.
  • Repair work done by our in-house team.
  • We use only OEM certified parts.
  • Keep your loaner for as long as we have your equipment.
  • All major brands serviced including Scican, Midmark, and Tuttnauer
  • Best pricing in the United States.
  • We offer phone, chat, text and email support.
  • Quality service 365 days of the year.

Additional FREE Services

  • FREE loaners when you repair with Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions
  • FREE Autoclave Technical Support 
  • FREE Autoclave Preventative Maintenance Program
  • Buy-Sell-Trade new and old autoclaves

Loaner Models Available Now

  • Statim 2000
  • Statim 5000
  • Midmark M9
  • Midmark M11
  • Tuttnauer Manual Autoclave
  • Tuttnauer Automatic Autoclave

Note: small pickup, drop-off, and shipping fees apply


Trust the expertise, experience, and customer-oriented attitude of Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions for all your infection control needs. If you need your equipment serviced they will provide technical support even if you are not an existing customer!

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Hawley Valentine

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