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Modern Healthcare and Navigant Consulting have just published a study outlining that healthcare facilities can create over $25BN in savings if they optimize their supply chain operations and harness data. 

With 20% of all supply chain spend in the capital space, this means over $5BN in excess spend is essentially wasted by poor operational performance. 

For Ambulatory Surgery Centers, improving the way equipment is bought and sold can have a disproportionately large impact on financial statements. For these ASC’s, we’re seeing 4 key ways to save money:

  • Buying new equipment, simpler and cheaper
  • Buying refurbished equipment, simpler and cheaper
  • Building an entire list of equipment, new and refurbished, when building or renovating a new center
  • Selling used equipment

Let’s take a look at a few examples:

  • Ruben from a Miami-based Surgery Center bought a Skytron-compatible surgical table headrest for approximately 25% less than expected. It took 5 minutes total for Ruben to create the request, get multiple offers and pick the one that worked best for their facility.
  • Janet Adams, administrator at an ASC outside of Houston, created over $300k in savings when using OpenMarkets to buy equipment for a new surgery center.
  • Reggie from a Central Florida Surgery Center sold a used pain table for $1,000 to PT Medical, a supplier they met on OpenMarkets. This new-found revenue was certainly welcomed at the facility - which had planned on simply discarding the equipment. 
  • Danielle at a specialty Surgery Center in eastern Connecticut was tasked with finding a cost-efficient bladder scanner. The clinicians would use the equipment infrequently, so Danielle solicited both new and refurbished options. Danielle ultimately went with a refurbished Verathon BVI 3000 for $7,400 less than the average price for a new unit.

We’re proud to support an increasing number of ambulatory surgery centers around the country as they buy and sell equipment. Contact us to learn more or put in a request today!

Tom Derrick

Tom leads a range of core functions for OpenMarkets, including strategic partnerships and marketing. Prior to OpenMarkets, Tom served as a senior communications director for... More about Tom Derrick