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Surgical Direct offers a variety of minimally invasive surgery equipment, including laparoscopic and rigid scopes.  

Rigid Scopes 

Surgical Direct brings you high quality, value, and superior performance with their High-Definition Rigid Scopes. The stainless steel autoclavable HD Rigid Scopes are manufactured in Germany and are designed to be compatible with all major manufacturers.  

The unmatched optical lens system provides a sharper image with exceptional color visualization that supports your HD camera equipment. The HD Rigid Scopes are available in various degrees including our most popular 0°, 30°, 45°, and 70° styles and sizes ranging from 1.9mm to 10mm. 

Laparoscopic Instruments 

The Platinum Laparoscopic Instruments series provides superior performance over traditional laparoscopic instruments, setting this line apart from all others.  

  • High quality, patented hinge-less direct drive system increases durability of Instrument 
  • Hinge-less system has been validated to be up to ten times stronger in grasping and four times stronger in dissection than conventional lines (in pounds of pressure) 
  • Special coating on jaws helps reduce cleaning time  
  • Ratchet on demand for expanded versatility of grasping instruments  
  • Single piece with flush port 

The Single Piece Precision Laparoscopic Instruments line offers the most popular handle options in the industry. 

  • Available in rotating or non-rotating  
  • Flush port designed to pass a high volume of liquid through the shaft to remove gross debris more effectively prior to sterilization  
  • Custom lengths available  
  • Ten different stainless-steel handles to choose from including the slide locking handle 

The Modular Laparoscopic Instruments line provides superior performance while providing convenient sterilization methods.  Take apart for cleaning or use the convenient flush port – the choice is yours!   

  • One of the easiest modular laparoscopic Instruments to assemble and disassemble in the industry  
  • Six different carbon fiber handles  
  • Available in 26, 32, 36, and 45cm lengths 

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