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SwipeSense, a healthcare technology company pioneering a new way to reduce hospital-acquired infections, has joined OpenMarkets, a software-driven marketplace for healthcare equipment. The OpenMarkets community now includes over 450 hospitals and nearly 100 suppliers.

For SwipeSense, joining OpenMarkets represents the latest step in a commercialization plan that ultimately aims to support a lofty vision: to save 100,000 lives a year.  For OpenMarkets, SwipeSense represents a first of its kind supplier in the community, not only as the first hand-hygiene solution but also as the first software company.

“Thrilled to open the door to our platform for Stephen and his sales and marketing teams,” says Trevor Wood, Senior Vice President at OpenMarkets. “They’ve created a timely, smart and robust software product to address the hand hygiene piece of healthcare-associated infections (HAI’s) that will serve as the keystone to their ‘connected hospital’ endeavors.  OpenMarkets itself is an innovative platform and for that, we are always excited to partner with others charting a new course and eager to solve for simplicity, efficiency and value.”

Early adopters of SwipeSense include IASIS Healthcare, Rush University Medical Center, Marin Health and Flagler Hospital.

“We’re ready to introduce SwipeSense and our vision of saving lives to hospitals nationwide,” says Mert Iseri, CEO and Founder of SwipeSense. As we do this, we are eager to tap into the OpenMarkets community and provide supply chain leaders with a simple way to learn about and evaluate our solutions. Can’t wait to show them what we can do together.”  




Tom Derrick

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