Take Care of Your Surgeons with Haag-Streit Surgical's Ergonomic Approach

OpenMarkets Health has partnered with Haag-Streit Surgical to provide Exchange users with the latest technology in surgical tools, focused on maximizing the ergonomic benefits to surgeons everywhere. Haag-Streit understands how the physician is often overlooked when it comes to their equipment needs. OpenMarkets Health supports Haat-Streit’s ergonomic approach in healthcare equipment that puts the surgeon first, so they can put their patients first.

Specifically made for Ophthalmologists, Haag Streit introduces two products, the CO:RE Surgical Chair and the Hi-R NEO 900 Microscope, to the OpenMarkets Exchange. Haag-Streit worked with ophthalmologists to understand their unique needs in the operating room for optimal comfort and efficiency. One of the ophthalmologists, Michael E. Snyder, M.D. of the Cincinnati Eye Institute, explains the importance of ergonomics in healthcare equipment.

“As an ophthalmologist, there’s nothing more important than ergonomics, especially if you develop neck and spine disease. I’ve been proactive on this approach for more than twenty years. By improving ergonomics in your practice, you do a better job and your patients benefit from better care.”

CO:RE Surgical Chair

The new CO:RE Surgical Chair design accommodates for the surgeon’s joints and spine with a curved backrest that can be adjusted in forward, backward, up and down. The armless design and narrow seatback ensure physicians will not be limited in their range of motion or risk contamination. With a versatile design built to meet the surgeon’s needs, Hagg-Streit aims to give back the care that surgeons provide for their patients.                     

Hi-R NEO 900

The unique ergonomic design of the Hi-R NEO 900 promotes a healthier alignment of your neck and spine, reducing strain and inefficiency. The vertiscope extends the binoculars to you, allowing you to maintain an upright and relaxed posture.

It is designed with a large depth of field and 25mm stereo base for optimal depth of focus and 3D vision. The red-reflex is persistent throughout the cataract procedure especially during the removal of the nucleus where it is critical to retain a brilliant red-reflex.  The Hi-R NEO 900 microscope is engineered to promote best-in-class ergonomics for the surgeon by extending the binoculars outward and allowing them to position their head above their shoulders.   


The OpenMarkets Exchange can connect you with the Haag-Streit Surgical team today to receive quotes and make purchases, so you can start taking care of not only your patients, but your surgeons in the operating room today.  

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Tom Derrick

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