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The escalating trade war between the United States and China threatens to negatively impact the bottom line for hospitals, health systems and equipment suppliers. 

Hospitals, health systems and ASC/Imaging Centers need to be prepared for an increase in the price of sterilization and imaging equipment manufactured in China. It’s time to establish your backup options. 

From Steven Porter of HealthLeaders:

A tariff on Chinese goods announced late last week by the Trump administration is expected to add financial pressure on the U.S. healthcare industry.

The list of goods subject to the 25% tariff beginning early next month includes a variety of components for sterilization and medical imaging equipment. A second, shorter list of Chinese goods will undergo further review before potentially being made subject to the tariff.

Let’s take a look at the sterilization & medical imaging equipment market:

  # of Suppliers # of Products
Sterilization Equipment 61 487
Imaging Equipment 251 2,174

These are big, competitive categories. It remains to be seen what models of sterilization and imaging equipment will actually qualify for the tariff. 

Take Action Now to Create Backup Options

Hospitals, Health Systems and clinics seeking to buy imaging and sterilization equipment need to establish backups now. There’s simply too much uncertainty over which product models will qualify for the 25% tariff and how this will impact pricing. 

Here are two strategies for establishing your backup:

  • Get quotes from different suppliers
  • Buy refurbished equipment instead of new

The OpenMarkets Exchange makes it simple for you to do both of these backup strategies and get more options. Simply put in a request and options will come to you.

Requests on The Exchange typically receive 3 or more quotes within 48 hours. You can communicate with the suppliers right on The Exchange, keeping you organized and reducing the need for calls and visits from sales reps.

This is a simple, easy way to establish the backup options you need right now.

There’s no cost to use The Exchange. Get Started right here, right now.

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