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COVID-19 has forever changed the way the healthcare industry sources equipment and PPE. Traditional methods for sourcing these items have been revealed in the crisis as insufficient. Over these last two months, PPE and COVID-related equipment have been scarce, and hospitals have faced substantial challenges identifying the suppliers that have the capacity and ability to source these in-demand products.  

Healthcare administrators experience a huge burden when it comes to the purchasing of healthcare equipment, especially during these trying times. Why not make it easier for them?  

The OpenMarkets Exchange was designed from the ground up to enable healthcare providers to quickly find everything they need in one place. Our core mission is creating an efficient and easy platform for our dedicated healthcare providers and suppliers. This streamlined process provides easy access to PPE and equipment and expedites the purchasing process.  

Samara Kast at New River Valley Surgery Center was able to find the best quote and make a purchase within minutes. After being set up on the Exchange, she had immediate support and advice from our team which resulted in a quick purchase order.   

“So much better than paying $29 for 65 wipes on eBay”  

The OpenMarkets team is dedicated to making a difference in the healthcare industry and bringing the community together during these unprecedented times. By allowing healthcare providers to research and obtain quotes on any equipment with just a click of a button, we are hoping that we are making everyone’s lives a little easier and aiding essential workers in the process.  

To get started, simply login to the platform with an existing account, or describe your immediate needs here and get set up right away. 

About OpenMarkets

OpenMarkets is a trusted platform that connects health systems to the equipment they need. The OpenMarkets Exchange facilitates transactions between healthcare providers and our network of 125+ suppliers. If you are interested in how OpenMarkets can help you with equipment research, purchasing or disposal contact