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Valuable dollars are spent on the constant repurchasing of PPE due to the lack of sustainable options for infection control. Pillar Booth recently realized the need for a safe and sustainable way to administer Covid-19 tests and temperature checks, resulting in the creation of the Protect Booth.

Traditional methods of infection control just aren’t going to cut it anymore. Protecting healthcare workers is critical in the fight against Covid-19, however, there hasn’t been any easy and sustainable ways to do it. The Pillar Protect Booth is your solution to this problem.

The introduction of the Pillar Protect Booth to the OpenMarkets Exchange guarantees that our providers are able to access this brand-new technology in infection control. The methods of infection control used in the past are just not working anymore. The constant discarding of PPE does not allow for hospitals to be sustainable or cost-effective in a pandemic. Pillar Protect Booth solves that problem by providing a cost-effective way to protect patients and healthcare providers when administering tests.

According to the CDC, Covid-19 is believed to be transferred from person-to-person contact or by airborne droplets. The Pillar Protect Booth eliminates that easy spread by placing a physical barrier between provider and patient.

Additionally, the Protect Booth comes with double-layer latex gloves to allow for hand and arm dexterity and an exterior shelf for storing test kits, disinfectants, and other essential equipment. By following the CDC Guidelines for Disinfection and Sterilization, the booth can be disinfected easily with common products used to clean other surfaces.

Without the need to constantly discard their PPE, the Protect Booth allows for a more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable testing process. The gloves are attached to the booth; however, they are easy to remove and replace if necessary. 

The Protect Booth is an unparalleled solution for a variety of testing environments, including workplace testing, walk-up sites, and more. The Protect Booth can be used both indoors and outdoors so an easy way to transfer it is a must. This booth is attached to wheels so it can be used wherever testing is taking place and is easily disassembled and reassembled so it can be stored for later use. 

Recently, Pillar Booth was featured in the Chicago Tribune for their immediate aid in the Covid-19 pandemic. The article mentioned that in addition to the Protect Booths being used in a medical setting, there is also a demand for them to be utilized in other professions. Read more about the story behind the Pillar Protect Booth here

For more information on Covid-19 testing, visit the CDC’s website.

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