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Meet Bayland

Bayland Technologies is the industry’s leading refurbisher and wholesaler of both medical grade monitors and Vidar film digitizers. They have a simple yet all-encompassing goal: assisting medical facilities and hospitals in their efforts to achieve the highest quality of care.

Bayland has a reputation for top quality service - every piece of equipment sold has a 30 day full money back guarantee, and many products include a 3 year full warranty on parts and labor. All technicians and engineers are licensed and ensured, and all products being serviced have a 48-hour turnaround. Bayland ensures that each project is finished on time and under budget, and all projects and services include free consultations. Their products listed with OpenMarkets include calibrators, dictation systems, IT accessories and workstations, monitors, and radiographic image digitizers. 

Bayland does not rest until their customers are happy and believes that their customers’ success is also their success. They aim to be their customers’ long-term partner in the digital radiology world, providing them with the tools to be successful every step of the way. 

We’re proud to have a minority-owned small business like Bayland Technologies in our Supplier Community - here’s why we think this is so important! You can connect with Bayland on OpenMarkets by signing up for the platform at no cost!


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