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Congratulations are in order for another first time win with OpenMarkets! Kami at Baraga County Hospital, who only started with OpenMarkets a few weeks ago, sold an old sterilizer to Med E Quip Locators. This is the second transaction completed for Med E Quip this month!

Kami was able to accept a bid from Med E Quip for her used STERIS sterilizer. After posting her equipment for sale, she was instantly connected with 10 suppliers and accepted a quote just 8 days later!

Using The Exchange, Kami could easily discuss the sterilizer with suppliers online instead of having to waste time and money by doing so through phone calls, meetings and dozens of emails. OpenMarkets makes everything easier for suppliers, too – Jeff Singer from Med E Quip says:

Med-E-Quip joined Open Markets in June of 2018 to benefit from the extensive reach and relationships they have developed in the pre-owned equipment space. The access to acquiring and selling opportunities has exceeded our expectations. OpenMarkets is the real deal, and we are on our way to developing a long-term strategic partnership.

Congratulations to all!