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A community hospital in the Texas Hill Country has found a new way to meet suppliers and buy equipment.

“I like The Exchange. It’s easy.” 

That quote is from Jeremy, the Materials Coordinator &
Inventory Specialist and a six year vet of the supply chain team. 

“We are focused on getting the most out of our budget and getting the right products for our clinicians,” he continued in a conversation with OpenMarkets. “We view The Exchange as a way to do this for all our equipment needs.” 

Since first using The Exchange in mid-2018, Jeremy and his teammates have used The Exchange to research equipment, collaborate with suppliers, get quotes and issue purchase orders. 

Two of these cost-saving purchase orders came with Master Medical Equipment, a Tennessee-based supplier for affordable new and refurbished equipment.

“We met Master Medical Equipment through our research on The Exchange. Their team was amazingly prompt and responsive, and helped us figure out what we needed simply through chatting on The Exchange. We saved over 55% total by working with Master Medical Equipment instead of going direct to GE and Masimo.” 

Great customer service from Master Medical Equipment is the norm, as they have twice been awarded the designation “Top Performing Supplier” for their online efficiency. In their work with this hospital, Master Medical Equipment turned around a quote for Jeremy within 30 minutes. 

“Heck, they even negotiated free shipping with me. We appreciate the service and the equipment has turned out great. We’ve added Master Medical as a supplier in our system, so next time we work with them on OpenMarkets it will be even more efficient.” 

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Tom Derrick

Tom leads a range of core functions for OpenMarkets, including strategic partnerships and marketing. Prior to OpenMarkets, Tom served as a senior communications director for... More about Tom Derrick