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United Regional Health Care System, located in Wichita Falls, Texas, does what many health systems aspire to: they create transparency and use data to power their capital budgeting and procurement process.

Just like the rest of the members of the Texas Purchasing Coalition (TPC), United Regional uses the OpenMarkets CAP Connect budgeting and requisitioning system to create, budget, requisition and track capital purchases for the year.  Given the unique layout of the OpenMarkets CAP Connect system, TPC and it’s members are able to see more in-depth sourcing data and get a better look into what is being requested and ultimately purchased.

In this specific story at United Regional, three different departments were looking into buying a total of 18 transport chairs across their respective areas. All three submitted their own requests to make the budget and all three were approved.  When it came time to buy, United Regional was able to use the CAP Connect system to ensure coordination of timing and requisitioning of all three requesting departments.  Instead of Supply Chain waiting until each request came through separately at different times of the year, United proactively made their decision to bundle these together.  They evaluated suppliers and ultimately chose Staxi, who happened to also be having a promotion at this time based on the quantity being purchased.  Because of the bundling, United was able to purchase an additional two chairs and get an extra year of warranty on all chairs.  And the best part, they did this all while being $1,200 under budget!