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With over 30,000 products over 900 categories, healthcare providers can find any product they could possibly need on the OpenMarkets Exchange. 

The categories reached on The Exchange include everything from imaging and lab equipment to surgical instruments and foodservice. Providers can connect with Suppliers both big and small, from anywhere in the country. 

Take a look at some of the most expansive categories on The Exchange:

• Carts - 1,428 products

• Furniture & Fixture - 3,600 products

• Imaging Equipment - 1,709 products

• Information Technology - 3,378 products

• Lab Equipment - 1,279 products

• Patient Care - 1,146 products

• Surgery - 906 products

• Surgical Instruments - 2,851 products 

• Table -1,030 products 

These are just a subset of what’s possible. You can literally request any type of equipment on The Exchange!

What Makes The Exchange Efficient

The healthcare equipment market is notoriously inefficient. Healthcare experts from LEK Consulting summed up this inefficiency best during a past educational broadcast with OpenMarkets:

For both providers and suppliers, a lack of efficiency, transparency and insight were recurring themes in the discussion of “pain” points.

Provider challenges… include internal inefficiencies, limited availability of data and resources and a lengthy, complicated purchase process were among the challenges. Supplier challenges were similar, but through a different lens. They focused on high sales costs, a limited access to key decision-makers and a lack of visibility or insights into provider needs.

Working in a transparent, online platform cuts through much of this inefficiency according to Todd DeRoo, AVP of Supply Chain at CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Francis Health System: 

“OpenMarkets has solved for the arduous research, shopping, and quoting tasks that plague our clinical and supply teams in the form of time and money. With OpenMarkets software, the hospital has product information at its fingertips and our once paper-based budgeting process is simple and efficient. I would encourage all equipment suppliers to list their products on OpenMarkets.”

Work Seamlessly with both your Favorite Suppliers & New Suppliers

Over 100 equipment suppliers have joined the OpenMarkets Community. By joining, these suppliers are demonstrating a commitment to working more efficiently online. This cuts down on calls, meetings and emails for all. Negotiating online benefits both providers and suppliers by saving time and money for both parties. 

Being able to connect with multiple suppliers at once and receive more than one quote at a time ensures that Providers are finding the right equipment at the right price. For Suppliers, The Exchange is beneficial because it allows them to connect with Providers all over the country online when the buyers are ready. 

Suppliers in the OpenMarkets Community include a range of large and niche manufacturers, distributors and used asset suppliers. You can see insight on many of these progressive suppliers right here, and reach out to them anytime on The Exchange. 

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