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Pediatric equipment is bought and sold much the same way as other medical equipment. Some products, like, bassinets and scales, can be procured faster and with less clinical insight than some technical equipment, like imaging and surgical equipment. These products are ideal for being bought and sold on online platforms like the OpenMarkets Exchange.

The Exchange is a great place to buy and sell pediatric equipment, including some of these key categories:

Category # of Suppliers # of Products
Pediatric Beds 3 21
Cribs + Accessories 25 117
Fetal Monitors 11 30
Neonatal Scales 7 13

The Exchange not only allows to you buy and sell, but to research pediatric equipment as well. In such a complex and competitive market, it’s important to be able to compare multiple quotes in one place. 

Check out some of the Suppliers in the pediatric space on OpenMarkets:

Blickman Industries 

Bryton Corporation 

Hard Manufacturing 

Linet Americas

Novum Medical Products 


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