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Do you know how your organization approaches decontaminating portable medical equipment (PME)? According to a recent survey, 78% of respondents reported that they do not feel their facility is adequately addressing the risk of PME contamination. PME is continually moving throughout the entire healthcare environment and most concerning, into sensitive areas such as isolation rooms, ICU, transplant wards, and burn wards. PME includes patient transport equipment, complex equipment (ultrasound machines, EKG, computer workstations), interventional equipment, and critical care equipment.

UV-Concepts introduced the first and only ecosystem solution designed to improve the manual cleaning and disinfection process for non-critical portable medical equipment. The automated “no-touch” UV-C enclosure (UVETM) by UV-Concepts is designed to optimize the key principles of UV-C light disinfection effectiveness (Intensity, Proximity, and Line of Sight) by surrounding items inside a fully-enclosed, highly-reflective space. This produces a high UV-C dose in a short time interval (60 seconds) in a controlled environment leading to consistent results.

The portability and wide variety of healthcare worker interaction with PME makes consistent cleaning and disinfection procedures challenging if not impossible. Additionally, the current manual disinfection standard is inadequate due to the many variables in application methods, reliance on long chemical dwell times, and surface complexity. Supplemental UV-C exposure can clearly improve on existing limitations for a more consistent and effective result.

John Ostdiek, the Director of Transportation at Saint Joseph Hospital, cannot express enough how much UV-Concepts improved their disinfecting process.

“UV-Concepts was a lifesaver, I mean that! With our UV-Concepts partnership here at Saint Joseph we have been able to process over 5,200 N95 masks. This process allows us to get 5 uses per N95 before a new one needs to be issued (During a time where no N95 masks were available). We also run all PME that can fit in the UVETM for treatment. I have MDs requesting access for themselves to run their own equipment. This is the right piece of equipment at the right time to help healthcare have one more tool to stop the spread of infectious diseases in a hospital setting.”

The UVETM is the ideal solution not only in a crisis environment such as the Covid-19 pandemic but also for everyday use due to the broad applications and ability to maximize utilization by any healthcare worker and across many healthcare specialties.

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