Veinlite devices are designed to deliver reliable, proven vein access success!

Veinlite is a small high tech company based in Sugar Land, Texas producing and selling high quality vein finders. Their vein finders allow for both vein finding and vein access, setting the company apart from other specialists.

Veinlite's products are applicable to all age groups. Their newest and most versatile vein access tool, the LED+, is suitable for use on both adults and children. Through transillumination, this powerful and portable vein finder features a C-shaped opening to prevent the vein from rolling during venipuncture. Veinlite also houses products that are specific to some age groups. The PEDI2 is specialized for children and adolescents, whereas the NEO is for work exclusively with Neonates.

Veinlite Products

Veinlite's products are not only innovative and industry leading, but also affordable. The company makes it a priority to produce the highest quality products at affordable prices, easing the financial burden on healthcare providers.

With an emphasis on portability, Veinlite's products set themselves apart by being lightweight and durable. Veinlite's products come complete with their vein-anchor technology. This feature prevents rolling, provides traction, raises the vein, and acts as a local tourniquet. These features and advancements make finding a vein easier than ever.

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