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Technibilt and its family of companies have been in the healthcare storage and transport equipment business for over 20 years, with more than 40 years combined experience in the field. They have been a part of the OpenMarkets community since November 2018, and since then has already have earned the designation of Top Performing Supplier for Q1 2019 by showing exemplary responsiveness and customer service. Their portfolio includes products such as Smartcell Shelving, baskets, bins, bulk shelving and wire shelving, and most of these products come with a lead time of just 1-3 days. This quick turnaround on shipments is one of their most unique attributes, and has helped them win quite a bit of business! 

Technibilt’s high quality products and flexible lead time was a standout feature for Forsyth Healthcare, a distributor of healthcare storage solutions. BC Cancer Institute in Vancouver reached out to Forsyth to help them reorganize their storage room more effectively. When deciding what supplier to connect with the hospital, Technibilt was an easy choice.

“When I put my name on a solution I need to be able to back it up. Technibilt offers innovative solutions that I can’t get from other manufacturers. I am confident in that - I’ve worked with Technibilt in a number of different capacities over the years, and I’m familiar with their high product quality.” - Shad Forsyth, Forsyth Healthcare Concepts

Shad further explained that the order for BC Cancer was last minute, and Technibilt was the only company that came close to being able to meet the tight deadline. He described them as being “accurate, timely, and responsible…Technibilt was tasked with a monumental time crunch, and they delivered.” 

BC Cancer Agency and Forsyth had considered other companies, including Metro and Quantum for the project. However, they couldn’t deliver the quality desired or meet the timeline like Technibilt could. 

BC Cancer Agency purchased Technibilt’s wire carts and “SmartCell” storage solution. These durable, higher weight capacity carts are ideal for storing smaller medsurg items, and the SmartCell solution increases storage capacity and allows for 100% product access and visibility. BC Cancer’s storage room was completely transformed by Technibilt’s products, and the BC team made sure to explain their satisfaction to Forsyth:

“Everyone is so impressed with Technibilt’s system - we are in awe!“ 

Take a look at the transformation of BC Cancer’s storage room!


About Technibilt 

Technibilt is committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and strive to provide not only the best products, but also the best customer service. Their short turnaround on shipments ARO and less than 24 hour response time to RFQ’s is a testament to their customer focused beliefs. Technibilt is the only wire storage provider that offers customers the option to have their product pre-assembled at the distribution centers in North Carolina and Nevada, eliminating the need for staging product and onsite installation. By offering creative storage and distribution solutions, Technibilt can reduce capital expenditures, maximize available space, and lessen non-value added movement of people and equipment.