Weirton Medical Center Works with Medical Resources instead of GE

December 28, 2017 | Category: Case Studies | Author: Tom Derrick

Bob Kolanko, Director of Materials Management at Weirton Medical Center in Weirton, WV, is responsible for bringing in the right equipment to support patient care. Working for a 160-bed hospital on the banks of the Ohio River means he often must seek out innovative products and suppliers instead of waiting on fancy salespeople and companies to come to them. 

"That's part of the reason we joined OpenMarkets," says Kolanko. "OpenMarkets makes it easier for us to find the right equipment at the right price." 

Kolanko did just that this week through his work on The OpenMarkets ExchangeTM. Tasked with finding a mammography chair for a new breast care center, Kolanko created a request in The ExchangeTM. Three business days later Kolanko had efficiently vetted four suppliers and received quotes from each of them. Although his team's initial preference included a GE product, Kolanko was able to quickly size up the value of products offered by the other suppliers. In the end, Weirton issued a purchase order for a Hausted mammography chair from Medical Resources. 

"The different in cost was huge, and quality was equivalent. Easy decision for us once we saw the options powered by The OpenMarkets Exchange." 

Medical Resources, a women-owned small business north of Columbus, OH, is a manufacturer and distributor of new and used medical equipment. 

Visit to sign up and join Weirton Medical Center and Medical Resources in the OpenMarkets community. 



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