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Timing is everything. You’ve probably heard this common saying applied to nearly everything in life – meeting your significant other, getting a new job, having a baby. But, does it apply to selling your facility’s surplus medical equipment?

“Of course,” says Randall Brunswick, owner of Retrieve Medical Equipment. “Timing can make a significant difference in the price a vendor is willing to pay.” Here’s why.

Consider these common terms used to describe imaging and biomedical equipment: in-service, coming out-of-service or retired. Each has subtle differences that signal meaning to vendors interested in purchasing.

  • In-service (currently in use)
  • Coming out-of-service – (In use, but not for much longer)
  • Retired– (unused. May be warehoused or dismantled)

If you can list your equipment when at the tail-end of its “in-service” lifecycle or “coming out-of-service,” it can translate to real income earned for your organization. “We’ve seen purchase prices on nearly identical equipment vary by approximately 20% just based on whether it is still-in service or it’s been sitting in a warehouse – even for less than a year,” says Brunswick.

Don’t miss a dollar of opportunity for your organization! List early and often.

*Big thanks to Retrieve Medical Equipment for providing subject matter expertise on how used equipment buyer evaluate purchases. Click here to learn how Retrieve’s consultative approach to working with clients helps them earn top-dollar when selling medical surplus. *

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