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In late July 2018, Hologic announced an $85M acquisition of Faxitron, a long-time active supplier in the OpenMarkets Community. A worldwide leader in digital radiography, Faxitron develops best-in-class products for breast surgery, stereotactic biopsy, breast lesion localization and pathology.

This merger brings tremendous opportunities for the 850+ hospitals and facilities in the OpenMarkets Community, as Hologic’s market presence and diverse product line will now be augmented by Faxitron. In time, this will create customer service and product line synergy.  

Faxitron’s market-leading products, which span from digital specimen radiography to breast lesion localization to sentinel lymph node biopsy solutions, are sold via a strong distribution channel that focuses on breast surgeons and pathologists, Stephen MacMillian, chairman, president, and CEO of Hologic said following the announcement of the acquisition. “So Faxitron will complement our strengths in the mammography suite and enable us to play a larger role in breast conserving surgery, an adjacent growth market.”

The combined portfolio of Hologic & Faxitron represents the top products in mammography, breast biopsy and digital specimen radiography equipment. Here’s how the portfolio breaks down: 

Category Products Manufacturer
Mammography 8 Hologic
Breast Biopsy 5 Hologic
Digital X-Ray (Specimen) 5 Faxitron
Fluid Suction Pump 1 Hologic
Lab Equipment (Slide processor) 4 Hologic
Surgical System 1 Hologic
Mini C-Arm 1 Hologic
Radiographic Image Digitize 1 Hologic
Lab Equipment (Tissue Processor) 1 Hologic
Surgical Instrument 4 Faxitron, Hologic

For healthcare providers, OpenMarkets is the most concise platform for research across this portfolio. With 94% of all equipment procurement projects being researched online prior to buying, the consolidated and informative OpenMarkets platform is the first step in any procurement process.   

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