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Buying behavior in the healthcare equipment market is changing. There’s a tremendous shift to online, as clinical leaders, supply chain teams and other administrators seek a more efficient way to find the right equipment for patient care. 

The buying and selling of pediatric equipment is conducted much the same way as equipment from other service lines. Technical equipment such as imaging and surgical equipment requires long sales cycles, product demos and committee evaluations.  Non-imaging equipment (bassinets, scales) can be procured faster and with less clinical insight.  This less-technical equipment is well-suited for online-centric purchasing platforms like the OpenMarkets Exchange

Let’s look at several key categories and outline the choices hospitals & pediatric patient care facilities have: 

Category Manufacturers (Q) Equipment Models (Q)
Pediatric Beds 3 18
Cribs 14 63
Warmers & Incubators 6 31
Pediatric/Neonatal Scales 9 12

Each of the above categories of equipment feature multiple distributors as well. This is a complex, competitive market. 

Supply chain best-practice requires knowing what your options are. For time-crunched supply chain operators and pediatric care teams, consider using The Exchange to not only research pediatric equipment options, but to Get Quotes and evaluate your options. 

Healthcare providers can sign up today to use The Exchange at no cost.

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