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Randall Crowder

Board Member

About Randall

Randall Crowder, a member of the Board of Directors, is a co-founder of and managing director for TEXO Ventures, an Austin, TX-based firm supporting innovative healthcare companies.

Randall’s passion in healthcare is to spur positive change through the portfolio companies of TEXO and to support the greater entrepreneurial culture in Texas and across the nation. A robust set of experiences and successes gives Randall a unique vantage point to advise startups on often overlooked details related to the execution of a business model. This core competency is manifested through Board responsibilities with OpenMarkets, Swipe Sense and Wenzel Spine, and was honed through Randall’s work as a co-founder of Precedent Health and Texas Venture Labs. He also served as Executive Director of the Central Texas Angel Network.

After graduating from West Point, Randall served as a Captain in the US Army and was awarded two Bronze Stars for combat actions in Iraq.

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