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Guthrie Health on how OpenMarkets powered improvements to their capital equipment strategy

Date & Time
12:00pm - 1:00 PM Central
Guest speaker
Dawn Drake & Jody Campbell

Guthrie Health


In September 2018, the finance and supply chain team at Guthrie Health sat down with the OpenMarkets team to discuss how and why they reinvented their capital process. 

This 55-minute conversation covers: 

  • How the slow, problematic and paper-based former capital process left clinicians and administrators frustrated 
  • Steps the Guthrie Team took to build goodwill and support for improving the capital process
  • Decision criteria for a new process and solution support
  • Timeline & step-by-step insight into how Guthrie upgraded their capital process in just six months

​​​​​​​Optimizing your capital process to improve clinical options and save money is a laudable goal for any organization. We’re proud to partner with Guthrie Clinic to assist in this journey.