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OpenMarkets Bulk Buy for Philips Ventilation - Q4 2018

Philips Healthcare has launched an exclusive bulk buy opportunity on OpenMarkets for the V30, V60 & Trilogy 202 non-invasive ventilation (NIV) products. To take advantage of the above-contract discounts in this bulk buy opportunity, healthcare providers must initiate and complete the purchase with Philips on the OpenMarkets Exchange.

Replace obsolete Vision BiPap devices and reduce NIV rental costs

  • Discounts above contract price
  • Replacement of obsolete NIV equipment
  • Respond to increased utilization of NIV and rental replacement

Latest generation NIV (BiPap) advanced modes and safety features

  • Enhanced patient comfort
  • 6+ hour back up batteries
  • Data management capabilities
  • Upgradeable platforms
  • Advanced alarm capabilities

Bulk Buy Details

Purchase a V30, V60, and/or Trilogy 202 and receive an additional 1% discount off of list price above your current contract discount. 

To obtain the above contract discount pricing, simply login & create a request for the V30, V60 and/or Trilogy 202 (returning users):

  • Search for the V30, Trilogy 202 or the V60  
  • Click Get Quotes & fill out the information to receive your bulk buy discount

Please do not hesitate to contact with any questions.