7 Best Practices To Equipment Negotiation

Background research and tips on how to deploy the 7 Best Practices of Negotiation when buying healthcare equipment

Rapid technology advances and an uncertain regulatory environment are challenging healthcare supply chain leaders to be more innovative. With this guide, OpenMarkets is pleased to share seven negotiation strategies that are directly applicable for stakeholders in the healthcare supply chain. Successfully deploying these best practices with modern technology is an efficient way for both suppliers and providers to improve the way healthcare equipment is bought and sold.

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Seven negotiation best practices to keep in mind through the procurement process for medical equipment include:

  1. Anchoring
  2. Establish Your BATNA (best alternative to negotiation agreement)
  3. Negotiate in Bundles
  4. Deploy Distributive and Integrative Negotiations
  5. Ask for the “Good Guy” Discount
  6. Bring a Third Party to the Table
  7. Be Prepared

This guide will take a look at each of these to understand how they can help buyers and sellers of healthcare equipment sharpen negotiation skills to overcome the dearth of market intelligence and changing supplier-buyer relationships that describe today’s healthcare marketplace, and maximize returns.