Leading Practice In The Healthcare Supply Chain Perspectives From Deloitte

Given the current trend of limited budgets, supply chain operators are being asked to do more with less. How can an organization go beyond benchmarking and hard-nosed negotiating to create meaningful reductions for their organization? How does this differ for capital equipment items, in comparison for PPI and commoditized supplies?

In this 60-minute web broadcast, Kurt Banas, Senior Manager at Deloitte, joins Tom Derrick of OpenMarkets to discuss inefficiencies and solutions encountered while working with leading provider organizations. This webinar pays particular attention to the often overlooked capital equipment market, outlines the leading practices on internal organization design and discusses how providers and suppliers can work together to fight back, for the benefit of all.

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Why capital equipment SG&A is so high and how we can lower that number

Optimal, accountable supply chain governance structures

How innovative health systems work with suppliers to reduce price variation

How better communication practices can improve the capital equipment process for providers and suppliers

DISCLAIMER: Information discussed is provided for educational purposes only and does not serve as an endorsement of Deloitte for any organization(s).