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Mid Central Medical, an American manufacturer of stainless steel medical equipment, makes it a priority to support medical professionals by providing high quality, durable equipment to be used in hospitals and surgery centers across the continent. 

Mid Central Medical has been serving the medical industry in North America for over 20 years. Started in the early 1990’s by a Minnesota native, it has grown to be a leading manufacturer of medical equipment for the operating rooms in America’s hospitals and surgery centers.

Providers can browse over 120 products from Mid Central Medical on The Exchange, in a wide range of categories including carts, furniture, housekeeping, patient care, stretchers, surgical instruments, and tables. Mid Central is set apart from many other Suppliers by their customer service policies. They respond to all customer enquiries within 24 hours, and always ensure that orders are shipped correctly and on time. 

Mid Central Medical values integrity and transparency. Their main focus is to improve their customers’ lives, yet also aims for everyone to have a positive experience with them, including their employees, distributors, and sales representatives. 

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