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There are many components that go into running an Operating Room, including a variety of equipment ranging from disposables like positioning aids to bigger and more permanent products like sit-stand stools. Ansell’s products help ensure that both patient and staff are comfortable during procedures. 

It’s just as important for the operating staff to be comfortable during procedures as well, especially during long surgeries. Ansell offers products such as sit-stand stools and anti-fatigue mats for this very reason. Their SANDEL ErgoPlus Anti Fatigue mats absorb the impact of standing and reduce strain on the legs, back, and feet during surgery. They are made of premium padding for additional comfort and come in a variety of sizes. Ansell’s SANDEL sit-stand stools are valuable tools for surgeons, as they are also designed to relieve pressure and fatigue during long procedures (follow the link to see more information about the products!). These stools are ideal for the OR and nurses’ stations.


Preventing infection inside of an OR is obviously extremely important, and having single use disposable products contributes to that prevention. In addition to more permanent products like stools, Ansell offers many disposable positioning aids to be used during surgery, such as arm cradles, heel protectors, and body wedges. These products are great for patient positioning, improving turnover time, and reducing the risk of cross-contamination in the OR. Ansell’s positioning aids are especially great for pressure management for the patients, adding to their comfort level during surgery.


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