OpenMarkets is a better way to collaborate with suppliers and get the right equipment at the right price.

The OpenMarkets Exchange allows healthcare providers to buy and sell new and refurbished equipment. Users are seamlessly connected to multiple suppliers for any product request, making it easy to evaluate options and costs. If your organization has idle equipment laying around, you can use The Exchange to sell this equipment to the highest bidder, quick and easy.
Our data shows that giving clinicians equipment options can lower your spend by up to 9.8%. Yet busy clinicians and administrators can't possibly keep up with the hundreds of equipment suppliers and reps angling to work with them. The OpenMarkets Exchange changes this by making it easy for Supply chain leaders to find new suppliers and equipment products. This sets the foundation for creating cost savings and extending a capital equipment budget.

Need a quick, simple way to find new equipment suppliers for an RFP? Search our market share tool.
Over 20,000 equipment products are available today. Knowing what products are right for your patient care needs is easy on The Exchange. Simply sign in and search for products fitting your needs. Spec sheets, pictures and case studies are all here, and it's easy to share this insight with your colleagues.
The Exchange allows hospital colleagues to collaborate on equipment purchasing, sharing insight and detail on what they want to buy and when. Keeping this collaboration documented and visible allows supply chain leaders to stay organized and aligned.

Healthcare Providers use OpenMarkets to streamline their capital process and reduce equipment costs.

We help hospitals pay less for equipment, simplify work with suppliers and streamline their capital process.


Buy and Sell with the OpenMarkets Exchange

The Exchange lets you reseach across 20,000+ equipment products, get quotes, keep your team organized and communicate with suppliers. Hospitals & Health Systems can also sell used equipment, quick and easy.

Create a cloud-based, centralized capital process

If capital planning is a challenge for your organization, CAP Connect can help streamline and automate your capital management program. Let's schedule a demo.

Pay less with data-backed negotiation support

Empower supply chain operators with the OpenMarkets Optimizer, our data-driven support for capital equipment negotiations.

Hundreds of healthcare equipment buyers and sellers are in the OpenMarkets network and committed to providing the very best patient care:

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