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Research Equipment & Get Quotes

There are over 30,000 equipment products used in U.S hospitals. The OpenMarkets Exchange is a one-stop shop to research suppliers and products, get quotes and stay organized through the point-of-purchase. Healthcare providers are saving over 11.8% on transactions and can get started at no cost. 


Capital Budgeting & Approval Workflow

Our modern approach to capital budgeting & approvals is built with strategic sourcing in mind. Health systems using CAP Connect empower their supply chain and finance teams to proactively collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to stretch capital funds by over 13.8%. 


Data-Driven Transaction Support

The OpenMarkets Optimizer is data-driven support helping providers and suppliers find the right price at the right time. 


Sell Excess Equipment to the OpenMarkets Community

Any old equipment laying around? Want to see if you can make more money on a trade-in? Healthcare providers can sell idle assets on the OpenMarkets Exchange and put money back into their organization. Quick and easy.