Create New Equipment Options & Save 11.8%

Research technical specs on over 30,000 products

Google and supplier websites do a great job at compiling too much material on the equipment you need. The OpenMarkets product directory gives you just the information you need: pictures, dimensions, spec sheets and a concise summary.

Cut down on calls & meetings by communicating online with Suppliers

Control the conversation by initiating contact with supplier reps when you are ready.

Get Quotes Quick & Easy

Whether you're in the planning or negotiating phase of your project, The Exchange can help you expedite quote gathering and create new, cost-saving options.

Create multiple options for clinical stakeholders

Delivering multiple options for equipment allows project planners and supply chain teams to work with clinicians to find the best value equipment for patient care.

Buy with savings of 11.4% or more

Research, communication and quote gathering online will lower the cost of sale for suppliers and inspire competition. This results in savings for your organization.

Eugenia Black

I will definitely be getting OpenMarkets involved from the beginning for my next two projects. You guys make it super easy, I’m a happy camper!

Eugenia Black, Project Manager
Neuro Psychiatric Hospitals