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There are over 30,000 healthcare equipment products available. Is your organization buying the right equipment? Take a leadership role by researching available options and working proactively with clinicians to match their needs with the right set of equipment options.


Data powers a proactive supply chain. OpenMarkets is the only platform that creates the line-item data a supply chain team needs to influence capital budgeting and identify what should be bought, when.


Create visibility across your organization by moving to an online approval workflow. This transparency saves time, reduces frustration and gives supply chain teams the insight needed to control purchase timing.


Are you sure you're getting the best price? Do you simply need extra negotiation leverage? Utilize the OpenMarkets for data-driven support to bring providers and suppliers together at the right price at the right time.


Why trade equipment in when you can recoup 40-50% more by selling it on OpenMarkets? It's easy, fast and creates new revenue for your organization.

Susan Hudson

We just started using OpenMarkets and everything I am seeing so far I love. We had been using paper/PDF for requisitioning, excel for tracking, and then storing all the related documents either as paper or as a file on our share drive. 

The program with OpenMarkets is working great…one location for the budget planning, requisitioning, approval workflow and document storage. The requestors have the ability to see their budgets, spend and all documents (quotes, disposition forms, etc.) and can track the requisition to see where it is in the process. Prior to this there was no transparency, so we’re receiving positive feedback from those outside Supply Chain as well.

Susan Hudson, Capital/Project Buyer
Martin Health