Josh Childs

Product Manager

About Josh

Since joining OpenMarkets in late 2015, Josh has overseen the conceptual development of the OpenMarkets portfolio, including creation of two brand-new solutions while enhancing our existing offerings and providing back-office tools to make the OpenMarkets team more efficient and effective in its pursuit.

Before OpenMarkets, Josh led product development for LearnCore, an industry-leading workforce training platform, installing product management best practices and streamlining the development process. Before 2015, Josh served as CTO of inRentive, a first-of-its-kind global distribution service for real estate rental data recognized by Google for its potential. During this time, Josh organized domestic and international development teams around inRentiveā€™s mission and managed work across multiple timezones.

Josh believes that creating a product is a work of expression in both code and design, and that a holistic approach to product management yields lasting usefulness.

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