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Las Vegas, NV

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A recognized leader in the imaging equipment sales and service industry 

Quest Imaging Solutions roots were established in 1985. The company’s primary mission was to provide high quality refurbished c-arms to those in the medical industry at budget friendly prices.

The organization developed and still delivers highly focused, personalized service tailored to the unique needs of each health care provider. Quest Imaging Solutions has expanded the business offering a wide variety of medical imaging equipment while also providing parts support, equipment service, rentals, leasing options, and much more. As a result, Quest Imaging Solutions has become one of the nation’s largest independent operations for c-arms and digital x-ray medical equipment. Quest Imaging Solutions values experience highly, and our staff is comprised of many individuals who have at least twenty years in the medical industry. As a result of this vast and specialized knowledge, Quest Imaging Solutions professionals are able to assist medical practitioners in acquiring optimal imaging equipment for their individual parameter. Our goal is the best fit for the requirements of your practice.

Serving All Medical Practices

Even the most highly specialized medical practices can find the equipment and supplies they need at Quest Imaging Solutions. Our expansive inventory of imaging equipment contains both new and expertly refurbished products from all major brands, including GE, OEC, Siemens, Philips, Ziehm and GEMSS. We offer surgical accessories and tables from renowned manufacturers such as Pedigo, Oakworks, Carr, STI and many others. Quest Imaging Solutions also offers many imaging supplies including drapes and paper through its subsidiary MediDrapes. The team at Quest Imaging Solutions is devoted to providing you with genuine, proven answers and solutions. We are happy to assist customers throughout the entire process, and to provide help in any way possible.


What makes you different?

Best in industry refurbishment process. Exceptional customer service. Rental, lease and sale options.

Company Information

  • Founded in 1985

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Additional Facts

  • Made in USA
  • Small Business

Equipment Categories Served

  • Furniture and Fixture
  • Imaging
  • Light
  • Rehabilitation (Ultrasound, Therapeutic)
  • Surgery (Fluid Warmer)
  • Surgery (Warming Cabinet)
  • Table