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We connect healthcare facilities with the innovative products, software and services needed to create a safer and cleaner environment for patients, visitors and staff.

At Telemetry HC, we believe Environmental Services is one of the most important teams within any healthcare facility. Because of this, we stay on top of the latest technologies and procedures in the industry. We thoroughly vet a number of innovative products and only those that can deliver a measurably higher level of clean are allowed in our portfolio. We then connect facilities with the innovative products, software and services needed to create a safer and cleaner hospital environment.

What sets Telemetry HC apart is that we are dedicated to connecting facilities with the most effective and innovative products to deliver a safer clean, regardless of GPO. This means we will not wait for our products to be on GPO contract before introducing them.

We have the most innovative technologies available to reduce and prevent HAIs and cross contamination and cannot keep them to ourselves knowing they can help save lives simply because they are not yet on GPO. We would be putting patients at risk by not introducing EVS teams to these products and that is not why we are in this business. Our founding members have lost loved ones to preventable HAIs and Telemetry HC is dedicated to eradicating similar stories. This means we are willing to go outside the “normal” purchasing process to create safer, cleaner healthcare facilities. We do this through our portfolio of Assessments and Evaluations, Tools, Software Solutions and Chemistries.

Assessments & Evaluations
We evaluate the maintenance procedures of your facility to identify opportunities for improvement and create an action plan to close any gaps. Our consultants are certified experts in EVS management with a minimum of 10 years of experience. These experts work with your staff to implement a detailed remediation plan using a systematic approach.

Telemetry HC has conducted thorough research, evaluation and testing of many products, from air to surface disinfection. The result is a careful selection of innovative tools that simply do a better job in delivering an advanced level of clean to your healthcare facility.

Software Solutions
Telemetry HC offers high-end software solutions that identify potential environmental risks and create actionable items to eliminate them, for a clean bill of health. AuditPRO is an environmental health and safety compliance management tool that enables your staff to perform weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual inspections to ensure compliance with standards set forward by the Joint Commission, OSHA, EPA and NFPA. AuditPRO integrates with your work order system and is great for simplifying and documenting Environment of Care rounds, creating corrective action plans and assigning issues to staff.

Our chemistries augment your current cleaning products by promoting an extra layer of clean. By targeting high-touch areas that harbor harmful bacteria, these products provide additive protection to assure the safety of your patients and staff. Our odorless, nontoxic and noncorrosive hard surface disinfectant, Pure, kills pathogens in as little as 30 seconds and has a 24 hour residual kill.

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  • Founded in 2017

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